Solar Outdoor Security Light

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This Solar Outdoor Security light is ideal for doorways,  garages, sheds entrances,  cottages, cabins,  boat houses, pathways etc.    It is made of durable aluminum.   The Solar panel itself can be mounted up to 14 feet away from the light to make it possible for you to get the best sunshine location for the panel.

There are 4  1W  LED’s in the light and it comes with adjustable (up/down, side to side up to 150 degrees total adjustment)  motion sensor and light angle option.   The motion sensor will detect motion up to 20 feet away and the light will cast it’s illumination up to 20 feet as well.

The solar panel is 3.5W.  You can set it to turn on up to one hour before dark and set the time the light is on from 10 to 90 seconds.

The battery is 7.4V/2000Ah lithium model that is replaceable, and comes with over charge and over discharge protection

There are three light options – In the “Detect” mode, the motion sensor is activated. In the “Continuous” mode,  the Solar light will stay on for approximately 2.6 hours and in the “off” mode – the Solar light is inactive.

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