4 X 4 Solar Fence Post Lights

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This price includes 2 4×4 fence post lights in a package.


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The 4 X 4 Solar Fence Post Lights are built to last.   Each one will light for up to 8 hours with a soft white light that is easy to see.   The solar panels are encapsulated in glass for longer life, and under an acrylic domed top to let leaves and snow slide right off so as to allow for efficient charging year after year.   These panels are the same style as those used in full sized lights.

There is one LifePo4  battery that are easily changed andcan last up to 5 years, and come with overcharge and over discharge protection.    Each light has 5 Superbright white LEDs.

The body is weather resistant ABS that will stand up to years of our Canadian weather.

The Four Inch light only needs for you to install the battery pack in the base of the light and then secure it to your post with the screws included.

The Six Inch model is the same lamp, and comes with an adapter in which you need only to drill two holes in your choice position and secure it to your post with the screws included

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