About Us

About Us

Solar LED Lights For Home, RV and Marine Use

We are a Kitchener Ontario based company for over five years,  specializing in innovative, environmentally friendly solar lighting.

We started out primarily in the marine industry, but  have branched out to include products for  the R.V. Industry as well as for home lifestyle.     We also offer products for larger area applications such as parking lots,  trails of all kinds,  farming and others.

We use the highest quality components available today and the some of the best grade solar panels as well.   We offer exceptional service and warranty.

As well as doing research to produce and market our own products, we also partner with selected other like-minded companies to bring to you, products that are easy to use and that respect our environment.

Our products are designed for our Canadian climate.   If it works here, it’ll work anywhere.

Our aim is to make your relaxation time better by harnessing the power of the sun.

We look forward to your business as we Go Green.